Inter 1-2 Milan | Zlatan Double Seals Derby! | Serie A TIM

Zlatan Ibrahimović scored twice early to secure a derby day win for Milan, despite Romelu Lukaku’s 29th minute goal for Inter | Serie A TIM

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All Football
All Football:
Milano is RED AND BLACK ♥️🖤
Home Cooking Lifestyle
Home Cooking Lifestyle:
Zlatan still Zlatan, he still strong and powerful, the older he gets the stronger he is.
Ibra is scudetto 2021
neveedah jafri
neveedah jafri:
Forza Milan Per Sempre
Safi Rehman
Safi Rehman:
Once zlatan went to the doctor.

The doctor started to share his problems to Zlatan
Let's all take a moment to remember that ZLATAN IS 39 YEARS OLD
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor:
He Just Recovered From Corona and Terminated Inter Immediately.
H A:
Ronaldo at 26: phenomeno
Ibra at 39: legendary phenomeno
Don‘t search space for aliens!One of them is with us and playing for Milan !Ibrahimovic is not human for sure ❤️
a true warrior... he just fought coronavirus the other day and now he scored twice in a derby at the age of 39!! what a legend completely!
Richard Bowell
Richard Bowell:
Ibra is a giant, not just in size, but of football.
When covid entered Zlatan I didn’t feel bad for Zlatan, I felt bad for covid 😂😂😂😂😂
Антон Сергеев
Антон Сергеев:
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soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu:
When covid entered Zlatan I didn’t feel bad for Zlatan, I felt bad for covid 😂😂😂😂😂
Deepanshu Sharma
Deepanshu Sharma:
man Respect for Zlatan. still carrying his team alone at 39
Anonymous One
Anonymous One:
Zlatan is like fine wine. Keeps getting better with age.
Nikola Micunovic
Nikola Micunovic:
Zlatan wins Corona for 14 days and Inter for 13 minutes.
" Lions don't compare themselves with humans "
Zlatan didn't miss the penalty. He passed the ball to Handanovic so the goal would look cooler. Genius!
Buyuk Iskender
Buyuk Iskender:
There will not be any forward like Zlatan in 100 years from now. I hope Zlatan will play to 50 years
AbOmar Syr
AbOmar Syr:
“City divided in a stadium that unites them”
Always love watching it
Phil Marcoccia
Phil Marcoccia:
"This giant in Milan's considerable pantheon of legends," so well said xD
ARTEM 'the punching bag' LOBOV
ARTEM 'the punching bag' LOBOV:
When zlatan became 15 his parents vacated the house saying, " You are the man of the house now"
milo miriam
milo miriam:
500subs with a egg waiting to be noticed
500subs with a egg waiting to be noticed:
To the early sqaud reading :vritual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 🤗
Hanif Hermawan
Hanif Hermawan:
When MONSTERS scoring
senni bgon
senni bgon:
Zlatan is ageless, just top class. Loved him when he played for us at United
Rishiraj Nath
Rishiraj Nath:
No need to appreciate me, I know I am the best
Kratos Leonidas
Kratos Leonidas:
This proves that Zlatan doesn't need a ballon d'or to show how great he is.
AleZ M
AleZ M:
The real age of Zlatan is 982 years,he is a imortal😉
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh:
They have written Inter VS Milan😂. I thought why are they fighting against themselves😂
Аня е
Аня е:
WalterCoinProof. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.
39 and hes still a BEAST!!!
Still a beast at 39. Milan looks way better now with Ibrahimovic in the squad
Uchiha Dan
Uchiha Dan:
well, his height was 1.95 cm though.. the perfect warrior...
M K:
*I hope every scout out there is keeping an eye on young talent Zlatan Ibrahimovic!*
Albaraa Salih
Albaraa Salih:
The lion brings back Milan first win in four years in the derby!!
Mike Mountain
Mike Mountain:
Incredible cross pass on the last goal of Zlatan, so well positioned
Yohana Kiyumbi
Yohana Kiyumbi:
Fantastic goals,,, Colourful results from Ac Milan...This is My Favorite team in Serie A for a long time since 1990's to 2020
Emil Leones
Emil Leones:
when i see zlatan, I click.
Tommy Lawrenson
Tommy Lawrenson:
When he says Milan which 1
Emil Andersson
Emil Andersson:
0:35 So his is soccer? HAHAH
bigg boss
bigg boss:
2010 : never judge a book by its cover
2020: never judge an episode by its promo
Man u player improve when left to italy
Santa had a leakage in the roof over his dining room.
Plumber asked: "Sir when did u notice it ??"
Santa: "Last night.... when it took me 3 hours to finish my soup"
Boris Buric
Boris Buric:
English ref are a joke. Italian refs: Hold my beer!
Tlot Pwist
Tlot Pwist:
This guy burst out of his cave in the US, riding a black horse, and came back to Europe to trace "Z"'s on the kits of italian defenses with a sword
kino o'zbek tilida
kino o'zbek tilida:
Zlaton has been proving to be strong by the end of the season
Let go Milan after 8 years of Pain they are finally on the rise again.

Dare to Zlatan.
miisA miisA
miisA miisA:
Tilak Rana
Tilak Rana:
How could zlatan be same ? I thought he would retire after playing in MLS.
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony:
So do you now agree? Ibra is Eternal.
Novrian Gideon Anderson
Novrian Gideon Anderson:
Rafael Leao is so so underrated ! Great speed, great pass, great scorer aswell🔥
juan martin
juan martin:
40 years old and still one of the top 5 forwards in the World. The classic came to Zlatan. And Zlatan delivered, twice.
Dilu RAI
Dilu RAI:
This oldest dude plays still well..hahahahahaha
Divano Jrv
Divano Jrv:
The giant is wake 🔥
John John
John John:
We often praise Messi and Ronaldo, but this legend is 39 and still scoring and playing at the highest levels.
Dalmo Mendonça
Dalmo Mendonça:
Only Zlatan can look at the empty seats and make the "you talk too much" gesture 😂
omar abushaala
omar abushaala:
Zlatan is getting younger every year amazing player for real
genivaldo moreira
genivaldo moreira:
Pantera seus videos estão ficando cada vez melhores
baby yoda
baby yoda:
When Zlatan washes his hands, the water becomes clean.
Just imagine contes rage in the locker room.
Alessandro Da Silva
Alessandro Da Silva:
Ei caralho, trás logo o caneco da seria a Tim pra nós logo, MILAN CAMPEÃO DA POHA TODA
Football Stats
Football Stats:
He's 39 tho.. Don't know whether ronaldo or messi gonna last that long and be on form
sidik van parmin
sidik van parmin:
ini luar biasa 👍 tariik sist .lanjutkan 👏👏👏 bravo milan
39 years old and still got it. My one and only idol
Kulikov Nord
Kulikov Nord:
WalterCoinProof. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.
Baju Rombeng TV
Baju Rombeng TV:
Zlatan is Love 💕
Sharmeêe 7172
Sharmeêe 7172:
Zlatan the real beast. ❣
Lots of love Delhi from India Mate... ❣❤❣🙌
Reivaldo Aurelio
Reivaldo Aurelio:
Such impact from Ibra. It's like AC Milan is a whole new team since his arrival. He didn't only deliver goals but also lifting the team fighting spirit.
m10 munir
m10 munir:
That ball from Vidal and what a miss by Hakimi.. we conceded so many chances ... it made me so anxious tbh glad we hold on to the win 💪💪 common Milan let’s continue this winning streak
Arin Channel
Arin Channel:
The most fastest million view on football highlights
Ceebro O
Ceebro O:
Bien ahí el zlatan siempre siendo humilde
alfauzi nurcholis
alfauzi nurcholis:
Since 2016, Milan spend 4 years to win the derby.
N M:
This man had corona the other day & is now bodying Inter like it’s nothing, drug test this man NOW 🤣
Age is just number 💪🏿
Stefan C
Stefan C:
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Zlatan ❤️
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
I love lukaku. Such a powerful striker that help to miss all the chances and trophy
Vrizk vrizk
Vrizk vrizk:
Ibra is a different class, but we must Appreciate Saelemaekers and Calabria, both had a solid right side combination.
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos:
Tem que respeitar o Ibrakadabra!!!
Harry Mayne
Harry Mayne:
I love ibrahimovics lovely long hair 😍
Cameron Singh
Cameron Singh:
Zlatan is an absolute Legend 🔥⚽️
Already Fresher
Already Fresher:
Milace mw renmen viktwa a
Arnaud J.
Arnaud J.:
*This young Zlatan seems like he could be a great player in the future years*

*let's wait and see...*
just imagine if baloteli plays in milan at this season they will go far with mario
Zlatan is to bold to score penalties so he misses them on purpose
Faruk Köksüz
Faruk Köksüz:
Hakan Çalhanoğlu is One of the best player of ac milan❤️
first last
first last:
Zlatan is the best EVERYWHERE he goes!
Alexander Villazon
Alexander Villazon:
Who else goes to the MLS & comes back to Europe to win derbies like this?
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar:
Zlatan is ageing like a glass of fine wine. Absolute monster!
Ibrakadabra! <3
Zlatan : What lion like to do is to eat the GOAT.
ولد برقه العصيه
ولد برقه العصيه:
Ibra is such a legend that he manages to be 2 animals at once, the GOAT and the Lion!
fuat şensoy
fuat şensoy:
Dream League Soccer Spiker :)
Mahendran Kumarapandian
Mahendran Kumarapandian:
Lukaku still donkeying around as usual 😁
We know where Ballon d'Or will be going to, If Milan wins The Scudetto this season.